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Attention Parents and Students

Routes for the 2024-2025 school year will be available for viewing in mid-August. Please look for an announcement in the August district e-newsletter that Elink is open for viewing 2024-2025 bus routes.

Summer bus routes for Elementary ESY/Camps and Middle School/High School students taking 3 classes, please see the link below marked "Summer Bus Route information for Assigned Students" to log into Elink to view your student's route information.

If your middle school or high school student is taking less than 3 classes, they will not be assigned to a route. But they can take the bus one way if they desire. Please click on the links below to view AM and PM IMS/IHS routes. 

Summer School AM Stops

Summer School PM Stops

E-Link login procedure to find your bus route

Username and password – unique to E-Link (NOT your Skyward Family Access login)

  • Your username will follow this format: studentfirstname.studentlastname If the student has more than one first or last name, the system will put either a space or a hyphen between the names.  Please look at how your student's name is entered in Skyward Family Access to determine if it is a space or hyphen.
    • jennifer.lang for a student named "Jennifer Lang"
    • jennifer.lang smith or jennifer.lang-smith for a student named "Jennifer Lang Smith"
  • Your password will be the student's date of birth in this format: MMDDYYYY . Please note that the password does not contain any dashes or periods.
    • 03152015 for a student born on March 15, 2015

E-Link to look up Summer Bus Routes for Assigned Students and SNOW E-Link to look up inclement weather stops

Summer Bus Route Information For Assigned Students 

Snow Route Information

Please have your student at the snow route stop 5 minutes prior to their normal bus stop time unless there is a school delay. If there is a delay, your pick up time is one or two hours after your normal bus stop time. Please have your student dressed for the weather. It is our goal to have the buses arrive on time to the snow route stops, but delayed buses are a possibility. If the alternate stop is used in the morning for pick up, the same location will be used in the afternoon for drop-off. If the information in Snow E-link is the same as your student's regular E-link information, your student does not have an alternate snow stop location.

Once logged in, click "students" from the menu at the top.

Click "View My Students."

Select your student.

Bus information will display. There will also be an option to print a PDF version of routes.

Login issues

If you are having trouble logging in on E-Link, please try these tips before contacting the Transportation department.

  1. Does your student have a common name?  Try adding ".1" after their name.  For example:  john.smith.1
  2. Make sure you used the correct password format (MMDDYYYY).
  3. Make sure you are using the correct E-link login information and NOT your Skyward Family Access login information.
  4. Make sure you are using the correct E-link and NOT the Snow E-link. Snow E-link information will not be available until October.
  5. If you marked any part of your student's file as confidential (phone number, address) you will not be able to use E-Link to login to view your student's bus route. You will need to contact Transportation to obtain your student's route information.

If you are still having issues logging in, please email Transportation.

EDA- Extended Day Activity Routes

Please note that EDA routes for the 2023-2024 school year have changed. Please view updated route details on the EDA route page. Last day for EDA routes is June 6, 2024.

Activity Routes can now be found here Extended Day Activity Routes