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Art Docent, Parent Donates Art to Challenger

Art Donation

Art Interrupted

2020, compiled 2023

clay, wood panel, glue acrylic

2nd Grade Students (b. 2012-2013)

Challenger Elementary School

This last Friday of February 2020 freshly glazed, clay beads and baubles were loaded into the kiln for their final fire. Each piece was marked with a simple stamp unique to the student who created it. By Monday, Issaquah schools were closed to volunteers who orchestrated the program, and within days quarantines were in place. 

So sat the treasures for three years, ready to be unloaded and strung into colorful shiny mobiles, while those second graders grew. Their individual pieces now come together and remind us of the lives interrupted. Together is a beautiful place to be.

Piece created and donated by art docent and parent, Elisa Parry. Elisa has been a respected and always welcome volunteer at Challenger since 2014. Thank you. 

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