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Student Placement Process

Challenger Elementary Student Placement Process 2023-2024

Thank you for your interest in Challenger Elementary's class placement process. The deadline to provide information regarding your child's placement for the 2023-2024 school year has passed. If you have questions please reach out to the main office.

Classroom Assignment Change Request
Challenger Elementary

First Two Weeks of School No changes will be considered until the 3rd week of school. Class rosters and student assignments remain as posted before the start of the school year.
After Two Weeks of School After September 12, parents should arrange to meet with the teacher. If serious concerns still remain after this period of time, the parent is invited to schedule a meeting directly with the classroom teacher to identify concerns and work together to resolve the issue.
After Three Weeks of School If concerns continue, parents should request a meeting with the principal after September 19 to outline concerns and make a request for placement change.
After  Request is Received The principal will follow up with parents and teacher to set a course of action where some or all of the following may occur: class observations of the student by parents and school staff, parent and teacher continue to communicate and may meet with the principal, other teachers may be consulted, guidance team meeting.
Decision Made by Principal After taking in all information and consulting with all parties involved, the principal determines if and when a placement change may be made. The principal will notify all parties of the decision.

Review of Assignment Questions

Please document your responses to present to the principal.
  1. What is your primary reason for requesting a change of assignment?
  2. What specific event, if any, prompted your request?
  3. What has your child (student) expressed about their classroom assignment?
  4. What specific behavior has your child (student) demonstrated to indicate their feelings about their assignment?
  5. To what extent have you spoken with the teacher (or parent, if initiated by the teacher) about your concern? What problem solving strategies, if any, have you agreed to implement? If no such agreements have been reached, please explain why.
  6. Without naming a specific teacher, what type of learning environment do you believe would be more appropriate for this child?