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The Comet Chronicle

In the Spring of 2023, when two third-grade students from the Student Council introduced the idea of starting a student-led newspaper at Challenger, called the Comet Chronicle. Mrs. Ogren presented their idea at a staff meeting, seeking a faculty member to support the newspaper's operation. The concept aligns with the spirit of the "Make a Difference" club initiated in 2018, which has evolved into the current Kindness Club, emphasizing student initiative and contribution to the school's positive environment.

Previously, some students created mini newspapers to share updates and ideas within the class, enhancing the sense of community. Now, as freshmen in high school, those students have passed on a legacy that the Comet Chronicle is building upon. Starting modestly, the newspaper aims to grow and focus on journalism skills, including interviewing and reporting. Each month, it will feature a different grade level, relying on student contributions to succeed. The school appreciates the involvement and enthusiasm as the Comet Chronicle begins its journey, hoping it brings joy and valuable information to the Challenger community.

First page of the PDF file: MarchCometChronicle
First page of the PDF file: MarchPuzzle
First page of the PDF file: FriendshipCrosswordPuzzle
First page of the PDF file: CometChronicleFebruary2024
2nd grade students getting ready for PTA Dance Party Celebration.
2nd Grade
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